Greenland Wilderness Trekking

Greenland contains huge areas virtually untouched by humans. The scenery is often immensely stunning and breathtaking, but make no mistake, the Greenland wilderness can be just as brutal and harsh as it is beautiful.

Therefore, doing a longer trekking expedition in Greenland should not be taken lightly or underestimated.

For the summer of 2019, I am offering a 9 day long trekking tour in the inland region of Kangerlussuaq. Check out the link below:


The trek begins at the Greenland Ice cap, and continues through pristine untouched nature, where it is likely to encounter wildlife such as Reindeer, Musk-Ox, Polar Fox and arctic Hare.

After walking along the Greenland Ice cap for a day, our path turns westwards through the land of the Reindeers and Musk-ox!

In this area we will see quite a bit of strange tracks and paths, going in patterns that seem quite odd to the human eye. In some places these strange paths climb directly up very steep slopes in a direct line.

These paths are surely not trodden by humans, but by Reindeers that have been roaming in here for thousands of years!

Sermersuaq dag2-2251.jpg

After 5 days of trekking, we will arrive at the UNESCO heritage site of Aasivissuit!

This was an ancient summer hunting camp for the Inuits. In here, they spent their summers hunting Reindeers, and at Aasivissuit is to be found the largest communal Reindeer hunting system known from Greenland.

Here at Aasivissuit, we will stay for at least a day, and do smaller hiking excursions to see the old Inuit cultural heritage, that is both a testimony to the Inuit will to survive in an unforgiving landscape. But also tells the story of a people playing and having fun in the middle of the Greenland wilderness.

Check out the details of the tour below:

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Thule Culture

The Thule Culture was an ancient Inuit hunting culture, that populated Greenland centuries ago, and since then has developed into the modern-day Greenlandic population.

As an Arctic Nature Guide, I am very excited to be offering a wild trekking expedition for the summer of 2019, where the goal is to hike from the Greenland Ice cap to the UNESCO world heritage site of Aasivissuit, which were an old inland summer hunting camp for the Thule Culture.

                                                             Thule Culture ruins

“The Thule Culture” is a term that was coined by members of the 5th Thule Expedition, which was a significant ethnographic/archaeological expedition from 1921-24, led by the Danish polar explorer Knud Rasmussen.

Originally, the archaeologist from the 5th Thule Expedition, Therkel Mathiassen, defined the Thule Culture as a Whale hunting culture. And while this may be true, they have in addition been migrating from the coast to the inland every summer for centuries, due to the good conditions for hunting Reindeers found in the inland.

Today the UNESCO landscape of Aasivissuit-Nipisat still contains a big Reindeer population, but also a significant amount of Musk-Ox.

The 9-day Trekking Expedition starts at the Greenland ice sheet and continues westwards, through very untouched nature, where there is good chances of encountering wildlife such as Reindeers, Musk-ox, Polar foxes, Arctic Hares and many bird species!

After 5 days of wild trekking, we will end up at Aasivissuit.

The ancient hunting camp of Aasivissuit is one of the seven key archaeological localities within the new UNESCO world heritage landscape of Aasivissuit-Nipisat, and contains many house ruins, and the largest communal reindeer hunting system known from Greenland.

The Trekking Expedition thus goes through old Inuit hunting grounds, where we will experience pristine Greenland nature, but also ancient Greenland cultural heritage!

Check out the details of the trekking expedition below:

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Experience the new “Unesco World Heritage Landscape of Aasivissuit- Nipisat” with Thule Expeditions

In 2018, Greenland received a new Unesco World Heritage landscape called “Aasivissuit- Nipisat: Inuit Hunting Ground between Ice and Sea”.

As an Arctic Nature Guide I am very excited to be offering a wild 9 day trekking expedition for the summer of 2019, where we will be trekking the majority of time within the Unesco World Heritage landscape of Aasivissuit-Nipisat.

The new Unesco heritage landscape stretches from the Davis sea to the Greenland ice cap.

The area provides the most complete and best-preserved testimony of arctic hunting traditions from 2500 BC onwards, providing evidence of sustainable land use, based on seasonal migrations between coast and interior. Colonial ruins on the coast reflect the arrival of Europeans in the 18th century and their interaction with Inuit.

Winter settlements focusing  on the hunting of seals are situated on the outer coast, spring settlements with fishing for chaplin and char are situated in the fjords, and summer camps where migrating caribou could be intercepted in extensive drive systems in the interior.

Today, hunters with families continue their seasonal travels, staying and hunting in the same places as their predecessors and thereby forging a link between past and present.

Billedresultat for unesco world heritage site aasivissuit nipisat                     Lake of Aasivissuit Tasiat

The hunting culture evident in Aasivissuit-Nipisat is demonstrated by seven key sites with well-preserved ruins. The seven archaeological sites are representative of the principal chronological periods in the prehistory and history of Greenland, and the contemporary settlement of Sarfannguit links present hunting practices with the past.

                                                              Thule Culture ruins

As an Arctic Nature Guide and Archaeologist I am thrilled to be offering a wild 9 day trekking expedition for summer 2019, where we will be visiting the great summer hunting camp of Aasivissuit, which in addition to dwelling structures hosts the largest communal hunting system known from Greenland.

Aasivissuit is one of the seven key sites within the Unesco landscape. Check out the details for the trekking expedition below.


The Original Thule Expeditions

The Thule Expeditions were a series of polar exploration and research expeditions, that went on in the early 20th century. The expeditions were led by the famous danish polar explorer Knud Rasmussen. Each expedition had a different set of research goals. Some focused on geographical issues, while others were dedicated to the ethnographic and archaeological study of Inuit culture.

Relateret billede
Knud Rasmussen and Peter Freuchen


After each expedition, there were written long reports about the scientific results. But there were also often written books that were meant for the public to read, such as “Fra Grønland til Stillehavet”, describing Knud Rasmussens personal experiences from the 5th Thule expedition.

These accounts from the Thule Expeditions (and other polar expeditions), has been a huge inspirational source for me personally.

Billedresultat for knud rasmussen

Writing my master thesis in archaeology, I had the privilege of writing about the archaeological results from the 5th Thule Expedition. I concluded that the archaeological results from 5th Thule Expedition, still provides the foundation for the understanding and definition of the Inuit culture called the “Thule Culture”. Therefore, the results from this expedition, is still widely referred to in scientific articles and magazines today.

So even though the scientific results have had a huge importance for their respective fields of study, in my very subjective opinion, the Thule Expeditions greatest value lies in their ability to inspire us to go out on our own expeditions!

Therefore, it seems that these expeditions that happened a century ago, are still in many ways live today.

As an Arctic Nature Guide, I am psyched to be offering a wild 9-day long trek in the Kangerlussuaq region in Greenland, for the summer of 2019!

Check out the link below:


Arctic circle Wilderness

If you are in doubt of whether this tour fits for you, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Greenland dreams

Hello! My name is Kristian Salomonsen, and this is my Greenland story.

Thule expeditions, arctic hare, polar rabbit, greenland

As child I grew up in a small countryside town in Denmark, living an easy and idyllic life there. It all changed when I was 9 years old, and my father came and told me that we were gonna move to Nuuk, the biggest town in Greenland, for a period of two years. Those years changed everything for me, and there I developed a strong passion the outdoor life!

After finishing highschool, I moved to northern Norway to do a one year study in ourdoor life(friluftsliv) at Øytun Folkehøgskole.

After that I moved even further north to Svalbard! There I did a one year study called “Arctic Nature Guide”. The main aim of the study is to make the guides capable of safely guiding multiday hiking tours in arctic environments, summer and winter!

Trekking in Greenland, Kangerlussuaq

Moving away from Svalbard, I started studying archaeology, and working in the summers as a glacier guide in southern Norway, and as a mountain guide in Lofoten northern Norway.

Thule Expeditions, greenland trekking & ski expeditions

All this time having many dreams about Greenland in the back of my mind, and a strong urge and longing to go back there, but all the time it seemed another adventure came in the way… And thus I kept postponing going there…

Now finally, I have been back in the Kangerlussuaq area! This region hold almost endless possibilities for wild hiking trips alongside Caribous and Muskoxes!

Therefore I am psyked to be offering some wild 9 day long trek in this region for the summer of 2019!

Check out the link below:

Muskox Greenland, Kangerlussuaq

If you are in doubt of whether this tour fits for you, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Arctic Circle Wilderness- 9 days

I am so psyked to be offering this unique 9 day trekking expedition for the summer of 2019!

This is wild trek crossing from the greenland ice cap through the untouched wilderness to the Unesco world heritage site of Aasivissuit.

Feel free to check out the details on my webpage:

If in doubt of whether this trek suits your experience and capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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